Antivirus Solutions at Computeq

Antivirus software (or anti-virus software), if properly installed on a computer system, can prevent access to computer systems by unwanted computer malwares. Viruses, worms or Trojan Horses can be used by criminals or hackers. They can be used to steal information or damage system files. If no antivirus software is installed, hackers may be able to access the information in the computer.

Computeq are here to help with all your antivirus requirements.

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Endpoint Encryption

Data is critical part of every business organisation, but this most valuable asset poses a huge risk when it travels to transmitted beyond the corporate business network.

Encrypt only files and folders you want.

All files moved to an encrypted folder are encrypted immediately.
Encrypt only disks and partitions you want.
On-screen keyboard that allows encrypting of Windows tablets and convertible devices.
Transparent preboot security using FIPS 140-2 validated, 256-bit AES encryption
Encryption may be started and managed remotely
Remote user password recovery
Enhanced workstation screening prior to encryption, including Safe Start mode


As you know the EU Regulations are coming into play in May 2018.
It states that any company that has their customer or employee details on file must have encryption in place. Failure to comply will result in a fine from the Data Protection Authorities. For further information Call Computeq now for details of our services and GDPR data requirements.


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